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Question   Behind you at Cades Cove
Hello Scott. Pulled up your site to check out your pics. On our Oct 2010 loop around the Cove we were behind you. We are always spotting Bama folks on our trips to the Smokies. We jotted down your website as advertised on your vehicle. Our annual trips to the Smokies always includes Cades Cove and this year the elk at Cataloochee. We hit peak colors this year. Your photos are beautiful. Another talented Bama Boy!!
Dan and Betty Barnwell,
Jacksonville, Alabama

- Dan and Betty Barnwell November 15, 2010

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Question   Turkey's in the Cove
I was taking pics of the two gobblers in Cades cove along side of you on Memorial day. Some of the best I have had the opportunity to take. Just a few years ago you were lucky to see a turkey relatively close. Now they're everywhere. Cades Cove is a wonderful place. Will you have your photo's posted soon?

- Ken Clark June 02, 2010

  Answer Hey there Ken!

I have spent over 150 days shooting in the Smokies & mostly in the cove over the past 12 years. I have always seen some turkey but you are right they seem to be doing really well. One reason there are more turkeys is because of the almost dissapearence of coyotes in the park. Coyotes used to be everywhere in the park and I always enjoyed finding them and photographing them but they seemed to have just dissapeared. I spent 17 days in the park the last of Oct & first of Nov last year and did not see a single coyote. I talked to the park service and they said that they are not sure what happened but the coyotes have almost suddenly dissapeared from the park. They are/were trying to find the cause the last I heard.

I really enjoy the cove. I am not married and I spend a lot of time there shooting and never get tired or bored.

I am running behind on getting my pictures posted but hopefully will get them up soon. I will warn you that when I returned and began to look at my pics I found focus problems with most of the pics I took. Come to find out the Canon 100-400L lens I was using was out of whack. I sent it off to Canon the day I got back & they confirmed it and told me that it was going to cost $315.00 to have it recalibrated. What can you do!

I will let you know when I get these up.

Thanks for writing,


- Michael S. Couch  June 08, 2010

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